Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PLN 31

Lifesaving Hazmat Gear Leaves Denver For DC,” from tells of emergency disaster gear being moved from the central state of Colorado to the Eastern of Maryland, this is important because if there was a disaster on the western side of the US the response would be slowed which would cost lives. The federal Hazardous Material (hazmat) gear is being moved from Colorado to Washington D.C. because the government officials believe that the East coast is at a bigger risk, which may be true. However, this plan is being fought because many think that this move will increase the danger for Western states such as California. This plan relates to education because students are taught to strategically put resources to save lives, and that is not being done here. This also relates to the world as well as the individual because it will put many people on the west coast at a larger risk, and might even motivate terrorists to attack the west coast because they know the live saving gear will arrive late.

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