Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Laptop Falls From Minn. LifeLink Helicopter, Almost Hits Boy,” from tells of a strange story of a laptop computer that fell from a medical helicopter after it took off, this is important because the incident is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the LifeLink Medivac company. The helicopter needed to leave the hospital quickly because another chopper was about to land and they had a patient who needed the hospital’s assistance. The flight paramedic innocently left the laptop on the helicopter’s skid and it fell of when the helicopter made a turn. The boy who was almost hit told his mother who then called the hospital, who sent a security guard and the flight paramedic. The important part of this story is not that a laptop was lost but that, the system works so well that incidents such as this are investigated by the authorities.
This lesson can be taught in education that we need to work towards making systems such as this work. This can also relate to the individual because the individual needs to know that the justice or investigating system can work and needs to maintain. This story and idea relates to the quote saying that “a true patriot receives a parking ticket, and is ecstatic the system works.” The quote means that people need to work towards the system and be proud of what they have, even if it is a parking ticket

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PLN 21

New Hampshire Pursuit Exceeds 100 MPH,” from tells of a car chase in New Hampshire where speeds of 100 mph were reached, this is important because car chases are very dangerous and this suspect did not seem to have any reason to run from Law Enforcement. The man who ran had no criminal background, but was driving drunk when two Law Enforcement Officers spotted him and began a pursuit. The officers used spot sticks, wires that are spread out on the road in an attempt to pop the suspect’s tires. The spike strips worked but the suspect continued to flee. Many Sheriff Departments and Police Departments have set requirements for officers to chase suspects, such as the threat level of the criminal or whether or not he is armed. In recent years Law Enforcement Helicopters have become a popular tool for Law Enforcement to use against fleeing suspects because no matter how fast a car is it cannot out run a helicopter. However, helicopters are very expensive and can use tax payers money, that could be put toward education or funding for parks that so many children enjoy. The question is; it worth using money from education or a park to help keep the world safe?

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Eagle Scout Fined $25k for His Mountain Rescue” from tells of an eagle scout who broke his ankle in the mountains, this is important because sometimes victims lost in the mountains will refuse to call for help because they cannot afford the rescue. Under New Hampshire law victims of a mountain rescue are required to pay back the agencies involved in there rescue. Many people refuse to call for help because they know that they will have to pay for their rescue. In Colorado all search and rescue is free, this lets lost hikers much more ready to call for help if they need to. This relates to the world because Colorado can be an example for states like New Hampshire where they charge for rescue.


Coast Guard medevacs man off tugboat in Southwest Pass,” by Lt. Rebecca Fosha tells of a Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter that hoisted a man off a tugboat because he was having symptoms of a heart attack. This is important because when boats and ships go at sea they can be miles away from help if there is a medical problem with somebody onboard. Luckily, the coast guard is available to come to a citizens need. This relates to education because people need to create systems that are there for other people and be able to work those systems. This relates to the world because America can be a role model in showing other countries how to take care of its citizens.


In English 9 with Mrs. Smith laptop computers are an everyday part of class. Every morning students come in, check out their laptops, and begin their work. Laptops make learning easier than the old fashioned way of pen and paper. Laptops have spell check that teaches students how to spell correctly. Also, the entire internet is at the student’s disposal. Quick, easy searches on the internet can teach a student more than looking through an encyclopedia. Laptops can sometimes be distracting but the benefits outweigh the risks in education.


Search intensifies for missing Greeley girl” from the Denver Post tells of a 12 year old girl in Greely Colorado who went missing after she didn’t make it to her destination. This is important because it shows how dangerous the world can be. It is often taught to children to stick together and that girls should never go anywhere alone. In this case a partner or chaperone could have prevented this girl from going missing. Howe ever, children sometimes need time on their own and to be self-dependent to grow up naturally. In this case the risks needed to be weighted as well as the benefits.