Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Students helping Students” by Professor Wesch tells of a group of students that pooled in together to create a fund for students that need the financial help to continue their college carriers, this is important because nobody knows when a second chance might be lurking waiting for somebody to surprise. These students used the extra they had to replace the missing the others had. This is a great story. It relates to the world by showing how people can be considerate and there for others. This related to education and the individual by telling them that it is never too late and to keep trying because there could be and opportunity waiting around the corner.


Commerce City family outraged when cops shoot their dog,” by the Denver Post tells of a family who lost their dog after a Sheriff’s Deputy shoots and kills the dog, this is important because he family is able to argue and even take a civil case against the sheriff and the deputy. The deputy was responding to a accidental 911 call (usual police business) when she saw a dog running at her. The deputy claimed to be defending herself when she shot the approaching dog. The dog’s family claimed that the dog is not viscous and has never taken any aggression toward the UPS and Fedex delivery personnel that regularly come to the house. Regardless who is at fault this is a great example of America’s great political structure. The family disagreed with how the situation was taken care of so they went to the sheriff himself and the press to show their disagreement. This is amazing because in many other countries the police have the power and don’t have to answer to anyone let alone the citizens. This relates to the world because America is showing how great the people rights are and what they can do to the political structure. This relates to education and everyone because anyone can take a situation they disagreement to the press, their government, or create their own movement.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Snow Being Truck in for the Olympics” by Rocky Thompson tells of snow being trucked into Vancouver for the winter Olympics. This is important because every two years Olympic Games happen. These games are great world tradition. During these games the world nearly stops and all focus is spent on the athletes from ones home country. The location of the games is a big deal also. Years in advance world leaders meet with the Olympic staff and fight about where to have the Olympics. This year the winter games are taking place in Vancouver BC, Canada.In education people are taught to pick the best location for the required needs, these leaders are not using education. It is ridicules that snow has to be trucked in to Vancouver just to provide enough snow for the games. There are so many places that there is enough snow to build the super pipe needed for the Games. This relates to the world because there are so many better places to have the Olympics. Are these locations picked by political leaders for; location, suitability, or political gain. This relates to me because the Olympics could have taken place in Winter Park very close to me but instead they are many miles away. The games are important to almost every world citizen and the games need to take place somewhere where there is at least enough snow.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Fire at Kennel Kills three dogs” from 9news.com tells of a fire that burnt at a kennel where dogs where being held. These dogs were completely defenseless as the fire burn through there cages. The dogs where trapped and had no hope of escape. Kennels are made of wood most of the time but some kennels have built metal structures to prevent these fires from killing defenseless dogs. In education students are taught use the best material for the job but in this case the best material was not used. Every kennel needs to be made out of fire resistant material or have sprinklers installed. This does not necessarily relate to me but the world has the responsibility to use the best materials for every job especially when it comes to all living creature's safety.