Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Two-Day Struggle for UK Rescuers to Move Morbidly Obese Man,” from EMS tells of a man who was so fat that it took fire department three days just to get him out of his house and into an ambulance. This is a problem because some much recourse was wasted on one man that if there was a mass casualty incident (MCI0 in the same district lives may have been lost. In Colorado Rural Metro Ambulances has a baritric ambulance that is capable of handling extremely obese patients and the fire department has saws capable of cutting down walls to make the process of extracting patients much faster. The UK divisions should definitely consider this technology

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Boy, 2, Shot Twice by Fla. Police Fighting for Life” tells of a 2 year old by who was accidentally shot when Sheriff’s Deputies were shooting at a carjacker, this is important because not only was the suspect shot and killed but an innocent bystander was harmed and is now in life threatening condition. It isn’t often that a law enforcer (Sheriff Deputy, Police officer, federal agent) draws his/her weapon but when they do it is always a serious situation. Law enforcement is taught to be very careful around civilians when they do decide to shoot but it seems that during this incident they were not careful enough. It is a risky situation shooting at people out in the populated world and not on a range so law enforcement officers need to be careful and weigh the risks and benifits


Worse Than Getting Lost in the Mountains? Getting Found by the Local News?” From tells of a group of backcountry mountaineers who became lost in the mountains and were accidentally located by the local news helicopter. In this article the writing actually makes fun of the mountaineers and states how it is humiliating that it was the news that found them instead of a search and rescue team. Search and Rescue (SAR) did not respond until the news company reported them because they had no report of the overdo mountaineers. This relates to education because students are often taught by their friends and even some teachers that it is bad to be humiliated, but these mountaineers could have been in a life or death situation had they had to stay in the backcountry. In the world people are often looked down upon if they do something embarrassing but if somebody wants to survive they need to be able to take the risk.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

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Neb. Paramedics Investigated After Boy Handed Radio,” from EMS responder tells of a paramedic who let a boy talk on the Fire Department radio channel in an attempt to calm the boy down after his grandmother had a life threatening asthma attack. The boy was very worried about his grandmother and was becoming a distraction for the medic who was care-giving so the EMT let the boy use the radio to give a required status update to the command center. The effort did help calm the boy down and even inspired the boy to be a paramedic when he was older. However, fire department and police radios are very secure and a serious place. It is a $1,000 fine just for using a swear word on the radio, and only trained professionals are legally aloud to talk on the radio and emergency channels. This relates to education because sometimes the best way to learn something is to do it personally and it relates to the world because sometimes breaking the rules can be alright and help save lives.

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“Suspect in deputy shooting reported to be in U.S. illegally” from the Denver Post tells of a illegal immigrant who attempted to kill a Sheriff’s Deputy was in the U.S illegally when he committed the crime, this is important because now it is either a matter of US security or border security. The man was an illegal immigrant form Mexico and attempted to kill a Adams County Deputy. This relates to the world because America needs to keep certain people out of the country if all they are going to do is harm. In education people need to be taught how to protect themselves politically and even physically.

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Freeda Simmons’ Death hits both Murray State, Vanderbilt Hard” by Clay Tavis tells of a college basketball player whose mom passed away just after it was announced that her son’s team had made the “March Madness” bracket. Her son, Picasso plays for the Racers who made the tournament. Picasso is still planning on playing in the tournament even after his mother died in a tragic car accident. This shows how the individual can sometimes rise and be part of something greater than them self. This relates to the world because as humans people can come together for something greater than themselves.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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The article “Another Toyota Experiences a “Stuck” accelerator pedal,” from AOL Autos tells of a 2008 Toyota Prius that experienced a malfunction in the car’s onboard computer, this can be very dangerous to drivers and anyone around a wild car. A man was driving his Toyota on a California highway when his accelerator pedal started accelerating without him pushing it. Today, new cars a very computerized, in fact some cars don’t even have a traditional steering column that can be used if power steering fails. This man tried everything to slow his crazy car but nothing worked. He even tried turning off the car but Toyota recently decided that electronic buttons are better than the traditional manual keys. When nothing worked to slow his car down the man tried to turn off the car but the electronic button was not working and therefore the car continued on its dare-devil race. This relates to education because students are taught to act in a safe manner but making these cars completely electronic was not acting in a safe matter. This relates to the world because if this car had accelerated on neighborhood roads instead of the highway many people would have probably died.