Tuesday, May 11, 2010

PLN 29

Kit plane crash lands in Loveland field,” from The Denver Post, tells of a kit plane that had to make an emergency landing in Loveland, this is important because planes can be very dangerous. “Kit Planes have become very popular in recent years, the customer buys a plane that is disassembled and it is up for the customer to assemble with the help of the manufacture’s directions. There are many accidents involving homebuilt kit airplanes. However, some companies have taken measures to fight these accidents. Rotorway International sells kit helicopters and sends a qualified FAA inspector to the customer’s house after every step the customer completes. This relates to the world because had this accident happened near the city and not in rural areas the pilot might not have had anywhere to land and could have crashed and killed people. This relates to the individual and education because people need to be taught safety better.

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