Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PLN 30

Wash. Fire Department May End Low-Priority Medical Call Response,” from tells of a Fire Department that might stop responding to low priority calls, this is important because people need emergency services even if the call isn’t “high-priority.” The Vancouver Fire Department is considering the idea of stopping responding to low priority calls. This is bad because the Fire Department is paid for by taxes and is supposed to be there in a citizen’s time of need, however if this budget cut goes through it will mean bad news for the citizens of Vancouver. 911 calls are always very hectic and scary and most of the time the dispatcher has no idea what is really going on, sometimes the reporting party could think that the injury isn’t terrible when it really is, and then the Fire Department won’t come. This matters to the world because if this department goes through with this change that can lead others into making the same change. This story also matters to education because Fire Fighters are supposed to be role models and if they wont even show up to a call they will lose that status, which is very important for kids these days. This story also matters to the individual because the Fire Department might not come in there time of need.

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