Wednesday, January 27, 2010


“U.S. Floating Trauma Center Arrives in Haiti” by Steve Sternberg of the USA Today, tells of the USN hospital ship traveling to Haiti to provide medical support for the earthquake victims. It is amazing how America will come to anyone’s aid to help them. Recently, America has responded to a tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes such as in Haiti. America has always been able to respond for countries in need and will continue. Also, it isn’t just the military it is also the American people. So far the American people have donated millions of dollars in relief including food and shelters. Another way America is helping is by sending volunteer emergency workers to disaster zones. With all this help going into Haiti it is a wonder why other people in the world have stereo typical views of Americans in a negative way

Monday, January 25, 2010


Dr. Warcshauer is researching the use of laptops in school classrooms, Littleton Public Schools has already spent thousands of dollars on laptops for classrooms, this is important because the money is taxpayers and needs to be spent wisely. Laptops are a very useful tool in the real world. It isn’t often that a laptop isn’t present in and office or business setting. If these computers are so useful it is should be a requirement to learn how to use one before the working world. Also, after purchasing and using these computers in the classroom it has been discovered that they are actually an excellent tool for education in other subjects. Laptops may be expensive, but the benefits are far greater than the cost.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


"Ex-Paramedics in N.M. Make Bogus 911 Call to Steal Drugs" from EMS tells of a pair of former paramedics breaking into an ambulance in an attempt to steal narcotics, this is important because this sort of crime happens all the time. Everyone has heard at least one story of somebody who "turned bad" and used their knowledge to take advantage of someone or something that they used to help. There are stories of former soldiers breaking into military bases to steal tanks, and police officers being corrupt and using their powers to obtain illegal drugs.Since this type of problem their should be some way of keeping those people with powers in check. It would be very difficult to stop this but since it happens so often something needs to be done.


World hunger is a massive problem in the world, people of all ages are dying without a chance to rise above hunger. Many people believe that helping is pointless, but really if everyone pitched in humans could eliminate hunger from America. In America there is 60 times more money spent on obesity research than there is money spent on food aid for third world countries. If everyone worked together and stopped waisting money and food we could virtually eliminate the problem.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The internet is changing my life in many ways, I can synchronize almost everything through my Google account, this is important because my life is much quicker and more to the point now. Instead of writing everything down on paper and keeping those papers together I can now use my Google account to keep track of emails (which are replacing paper mail), have my calender organized, and search endless sources for the information I am looking for. The internet has also revolutionized my life by letting me learn thousands of new things that before I would have no way to learn except by talking to an expert. Now I have millions of experts in all sorts of fields at my disposal ready to give their wisdom away. Obviously the internet is changing my life.