Tuesday, May 11, 2010

PLN 27

Fla. Helicopter Crew Flying Fewer Patients than in Past,” from EMSresponder.com, tells of a Air Ambulance service in Florida that is flying less and less patients, this is important because Air Ambulances are often considered overused. The Air Ambulance is flying fewer patients which are a good thing in two ways. First, it decreases risk of overflying the pilots and makes the service safer; it is also good because it means that there are less serious multi-system traumas than in the past. However, this can be bad for the company that provides the Air Ambulance service, the service relies on getting called to keep in business. This relates to the world because this service is important and if the numbers drop too low, it might not be available for the people who really need it. It relates to education because students need to be taught to decipher what is most important in the world, and it relates to the individual because they just might need the helicopter in their time of need.

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