Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PLN 25

Okla. Pharmacists Trained to Spot Addicts,” from Law Enforcement News tells of Oklahoma narcotics agents training pharmacists how to spot potential drug addicts based on appearance and verbal signs, this is important because it may help keep drug addicts at bay. Prescription drugs are becoming more and more popular for drug addicts because they are becoming easier for addicts to receive because the addicts can “con” pharmacists into giving them drugs. Pharmacies are not at blame for the problem because pharmacist are just trying to help people when they give them drugs, instead it is the addicts who are to blame because they trick people and make them think they need the drugs for medical purposes when they just want them to get high. However, Oklahoma is fighting back training the pharmacist to pick out addicts and to not give them drugs. This relates to the world because it will cut down drug use, it relates to education because the method teaches an example of fighting a problem. It relates to the individual because it will make the world a safer place where there is less of a risk to get killed by a driver under the influence of prescription drugs.

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