Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PLN 31

Lifesaving Hazmat Gear Leaves Denver For DC,” from tells of emergency disaster gear being moved from the central state of Colorado to the Eastern of Maryland, this is important because if there was a disaster on the western side of the US the response would be slowed which would cost lives. The federal Hazardous Material (hazmat) gear is being moved from Colorado to Washington D.C. because the government officials believe that the East coast is at a bigger risk, which may be true. However, this plan is being fought because many think that this move will increase the danger for Western states such as California. This plan relates to education because students are taught to strategically put resources to save lives, and that is not being done here. This also relates to the world as well as the individual because it will put many people on the west coast at a larger risk, and might even motivate terrorists to attack the west coast because they know the live saving gear will arrive late.

PLN 30

Wash. Fire Department May End Low-Priority Medical Call Response,” from tells of a Fire Department that might stop responding to low priority calls, this is important because people need emergency services even if the call isn’t “high-priority.” The Vancouver Fire Department is considering the idea of stopping responding to low priority calls. This is bad because the Fire Department is paid for by taxes and is supposed to be there in a citizen’s time of need, however if this budget cut goes through it will mean bad news for the citizens of Vancouver. 911 calls are always very hectic and scary and most of the time the dispatcher has no idea what is really going on, sometimes the reporting party could think that the injury isn’t terrible when it really is, and then the Fire Department won’t come. This matters to the world because if this department goes through with this change that can lead others into making the same change. This story also matters to education because Fire Fighters are supposed to be role models and if they wont even show up to a call they will lose that status, which is very important for kids these days. This story also matters to the individual because the Fire Department might not come in there time of need.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

PLN 29

Kit plane crash lands in Loveland field,” from The Denver Post, tells of a kit plane that had to make an emergency landing in Loveland, this is important because planes can be very dangerous. “Kit Planes have become very popular in recent years, the customer buys a plane that is disassembled and it is up for the customer to assemble with the help of the manufacture’s directions. There are many accidents involving homebuilt kit airplanes. However, some companies have taken measures to fight these accidents. Rotorway International sells kit helicopters and sends a qualified FAA inspector to the customer’s house after every step the customer completes. This relates to the world because had this accident happened near the city and not in rural areas the pilot might not have had anywhere to land and could have crashed and killed people. This relates to the individual and education because people need to be taught safety better.

PLN 28

“Baltimore Officer Takes Glass Mug to Head, “from Law Enforcement News tells of a Police Officer who was attacked after he stopped to help some motorists, this is important because the officer was there to help the people but instead he was attacked. Recently it has become cool to hate the police and speak out against them; however people don’t realize that the police are here to help them. This relates to the world because it cannot continue with this kind of hatred for those sworn to protect the people that hate them, in education students need to be taught to respect and to understand the sacrifices that officers make for them.

PLN 27

Fla. Helicopter Crew Flying Fewer Patients than in Past,” from, tells of a Air Ambulance service in Florida that is flying less and less patients, this is important because Air Ambulances are often considered overused. The Air Ambulance is flying fewer patients which are a good thing in two ways. First, it decreases risk of overflying the pilots and makes the service safer; it is also good because it means that there are less serious multi-system traumas than in the past. However, this can be bad for the company that provides the Air Ambulance service, the service relies on getting called to keep in business. This relates to the world because this service is important and if the numbers drop too low, it might not be available for the people who really need it. It relates to education because students need to be taught to decipher what is most important in the world, and it relates to the individual because they just might need the helicopter in their time of need.

PLN 26

Man ejected from car on I-225 and killed,” from the Denver Post tells of a man who was killed when he was ejected from his vehicle during a crash, this is important because he was not wearing a seat belt and died because of that. Cars are designed to keep the passengers safe in an accident but this counts for nothing when the passengers or drivers are not wearing a seat belt. According to the Kinematics of Trauma a passenger in a well designed car who is buckled up can survive nearly all crashes including rollovers, however if an occupant is not wearing a seat belt they are ejected through the wind-sheald and land on the ground without any type of cushion. Today, there are signs everywhere reminding motorists to buckle-up, yet there are stories everyday of people dying in crashes because they don’t buckle up. This matters to the world and education because the world cannot afford to lose smart people that could contribute to the world in car accidents that could have been avoided. This also relates to education because students need to be taught self preservation with all the other lessons that are jammed into their heads.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PLN 25

Okla. Pharmacists Trained to Spot Addicts,” from Law Enforcement News tells of Oklahoma narcotics agents training pharmacists how to spot potential drug addicts based on appearance and verbal signs, this is important because it may help keep drug addicts at bay. Prescription drugs are becoming more and more popular for drug addicts because they are becoming easier for addicts to receive because the addicts can “con” pharmacists into giving them drugs. Pharmacies are not at blame for the problem because pharmacist are just trying to help people when they give them drugs, instead it is the addicts who are to blame because they trick people and make them think they need the drugs for medical purposes when they just want them to get high. However, Oklahoma is fighting back training the pharmacist to pick out addicts and to not give them drugs. This relates to the world because it will cut down drug use, it relates to education because the method teaches an example of fighting a problem. It relates to the individual because it will make the world a safer place where there is less of a risk to get killed by a driver under the influence of prescription drugs.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


No charges against man with rifle at Summit County High School,” from the Denver Post, tells of a man who picked up his daughter from school with an unloaded .22 caliber rifle in the trunk of his car, this is important because there shouldn’t be weapons on school grounds unless they are used by law enforcement. The man had a unloaded rifle in his trunk that somebody saw and reported. After investigating the issue the Summit County Sheriff’s Office is droping charges due to the fact that it was and accident and he had no hostile intentions. This relates to the world and education because it took place on an educational phyasility’s lot and it teaches a lesson for others and how important it is for people to keep the schools safe. This also relates to the individual because it would be the idividual at risk if this was a hostile action and not just an accident.

Monday, May 3, 2010

PLN 23

Arizona Closing 10 state parks” from, tells of the state of Arizona shutting down 10 state parks, this is important because the state is losing natural habitat that is becoming rare. In education students are often taught the importance of respecting and cherishing the planet, especially recently due to the popular belief in global climate change. One of the main lesions taught is to keep as much land natural as possible, and state parks can be great way to preserve land and teach people to respect the land. However, the state of Arizona is closing ten sate parks due to budget cuts, this is bogus because if people are teaching this lesson, they need to follow through. This can also relate to the individual that might use the land often for recreation, and it especially relates to the world because if the parks are plowed over then they will never be the same.