Thursday, December 10, 2009

PLN 29

Medi-Vac Helicopter Crashes in Northern California Killing Three” by Todd Slaughter tells of a air ambulance helicopter that crashed killing the entire crew, as these helicopters may be dangerous they are an essential part of many medical emergency and save many lives every day. It is very unfortunate that this crew died in a crash but they knew the dangers of their chosen profession. If we learn anything from this crash it is to thank those who serve in air ambulances. In Colorado there are two main Helicopter Emergency Medical Serves (HEMS) and both have amazing safety records. AirLIfe Denver and Flight for Life Colorado both operate in Colorado and fly through the very deadly and unforgiving rocky mountains. Between the two companies and over 62 years (Flight for Life being the oldest medi-vac helicopter service) of service there has only been one crash. Over the years these two organizations have saved thousands of lives. When taking these considerations in Air Ambulances are an amazing tool and a life saving machine.

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