Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Boy 'Clinging to Life' After Two-Day Search” by CBC news tells of a seven year old autistic child who went missing for a night, this is important because this sort of emergency shouldn't ever happen. The boy apparently followed his dog 1.3 miles away from his home where he became lost the woods. Autism a defect that slows people’s thinking. This boy was not ready to spend a night out sleeping on top of snow. Luckily, Hailfax Regional Search and Rescue found the boy and called in EHS LifeFlight to medivac the child to a hospital. Paramedics report that the child was severely hypothermic and they were lucky to find the child in the time they did. However this search mission was totally avoidable. In Colorado there is a program called Colorado Life Track (COLT) program where patients with autism or Alzheimer's wear wrist bands that send out a radio tracking signal that can be traced by SAR teams. COLT is used by various teams such as Arapahoe Rescue Patrol and Summit County Sheriff’s Office. The average time between a COLT call and a rescue is only 30 minuets instead of the 24 hours that this boy had to survive.

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