Sunday, October 25, 2009


“Pilot fired after alcohol test seeks reinstatement” by The Associated Press tells of a Frontier Airlines pilot who was fired after alcohol tests came back positive, this is important because just like drunk drivers, drunk pilots are not very skilled. Aviation is a big fear for many people, although driving in a car is more dangerous than flying in a jet, the idea of leaving the ground and being a mile above the ground scares many people. The reason flying is safer than driving is because pilots are very skilled and get a lot of practice at their profession, but that practice counts for nothing when a pilot is under the influence of alcohol. Landing a plane is a very difficult maneuver and is almost always done by a skilled professional. When it comes to aviation people pay very much for a scary experience, so there is no room for error or a drunken pilot.

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  1. Yes for sure. "Just like drunk drivers, drunk pilots are not very skilled". You're right, it's important that the same rules apply. The polite is ultimately responsible for all of his/her passengers as well. No one has the right to jeopardize that. Great post.