Sunday, October 25, 2009


Fort Collins parents face felony charges in 'balloon boy" case by Kirk Mitchell explains how the parents of the “balloon boy,” are being charged with felony for providing false information to authorities. The parents have in the past acted on reality TV shows and from their past sounds like they are craving for publicity. It is a crime punishable by law to lie to an authority and provide false information. In this case the fine will be very large. When a real emergency is present authorities are required to help and it is free to the victim. When a false report is given to the do authorities they charge for the help they give. The Heene family will most likely have a lot to pay back to the emergency services for the help they provided, this will probably be very expensive considering a United States Air National Guard Blackhawk helicopter was scrambled to help pursuit the “runaway balloon”.


  1. I think the family deserves to be fined. Rescue groups are in place to help save lives, not to help people gain publicity. Time and resources are being needlessly wasted. That is my opinion, but what is yours? Do you think it is right for this family to be fined, or do you think they honestly didn't know their child was safe?

  2. I am on a volunteer Search and Rescue team and I know that if I was called out to go search for a boy that wasn't in any danger and the parents knew he wasn't I would be pretty angery. Just getting my teams trucks to a call normally costs $200. I think that the parents should with-out-a-doubt be fined. I know I wouldn't want to get called out to help some knuckle headed family.