Monday, October 12, 2009


“Educational Leadership” “Tony Wagner” talks about how it is more important for teachers to teach the material so students understand it, instead of teaching it so they can pass a test. I can really connect to this article. Last year in Spanish 1 I did not understand most of the material. Instead of aiming to understand the language I aimed to get a passing grade in the class so I could move into Spanish 2 in high school. I did get the passing grade and my teacher agreed that if I passed her class I could move into Spanish 2 in high school. When the year started I quickly realized that it wasn’t enough to pass the class but it was necessary to understand the language to move up in the class. This relates to “Educational Leadership” because it is proof that teachers are teaching so their students get good grades instead of understanding the material.


  1. I've also faced similar situations where some teachers are more interested in making their classes look smart, so they make easy assignments and tests, or they help students memorize the information instead of learn it. I was always a fairly good student, but the information that stuck with me wasn't from the classes in which I received marks in the 90's, but it was from my classes in which I received the lower marks. Those teachers were the ones who were harder on their students because they would have exams in which you had to apply the information you learned, instead of just regurgitating the material. I loved these teachers because they would try to make their classes interesting in order to catch the interest of their students. Have you had the opportunity to experience any teachers such as these?