Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Laptop Falls From Minn. LifeLink Helicopter, Almost Hits Boy,” from tells of a strange story of a laptop computer that fell from a medical helicopter after it took off, this is important because the incident is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the LifeLink Medivac company. The helicopter needed to leave the hospital quickly because another chopper was about to land and they had a patient who needed the hospital’s assistance. The flight paramedic innocently left the laptop on the helicopter’s skid and it fell of when the helicopter made a turn. The boy who was almost hit told his mother who then called the hospital, who sent a security guard and the flight paramedic. The important part of this story is not that a laptop was lost but that, the system works so well that incidents such as this are investigated by the authorities.
This lesson can be taught in education that we need to work towards making systems such as this work. This can also relate to the individual because the individual needs to know that the justice or investigating system can work and needs to maintain. This story and idea relates to the quote saying that “a true patriot receives a parking ticket, and is ecstatic the system works.” The quote means that people need to work towards the system and be proud of what they have, even if it is a parking ticket

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