Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PLN 21

New Hampshire Pursuit Exceeds 100 MPH,” from wmur.com tells of a car chase in New Hampshire where speeds of 100 mph were reached, this is important because car chases are very dangerous and this suspect did not seem to have any reason to run from Law Enforcement. The man who ran had no criminal background, but was driving drunk when two Law Enforcement Officers spotted him and began a pursuit. The officers used spot sticks, wires that are spread out on the road in an attempt to pop the suspect’s tires. The spike strips worked but the suspect continued to flee. Many Sheriff Departments and Police Departments have set requirements for officers to chase suspects, such as the threat level of the criminal or whether or not he is armed. In recent years Law Enforcement Helicopters have become a popular tool for Law Enforcement to use against fleeing suspects because no matter how fast a car is it cannot out run a helicopter. However, helicopters are very expensive and can use tax payers money, that could be put toward education or funding for parks that so many children enjoy. The question is; it worth using money from education or a park to help keep the world safe?

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