Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Commerce City family outraged when cops shoot their dog,” by the Denver Post tells of a family who lost their dog after a Sheriff’s Deputy shoots and kills the dog, this is important because he family is able to argue and even take a civil case against the sheriff and the deputy. The deputy was responding to a accidental 911 call (usual police business) when she saw a dog running at her. The deputy claimed to be defending herself when she shot the approaching dog. The dog’s family claimed that the dog is not viscous and has never taken any aggression toward the UPS and Fedex delivery personnel that regularly come to the house. Regardless who is at fault this is a great example of America’s great political structure. The family disagreed with how the situation was taken care of so they went to the sheriff himself and the press to show their disagreement. This is amazing because in many other countries the police have the power and don’t have to answer to anyone let alone the citizens. This relates to the world because America is showing how great the people rights are and what they can do to the political structure. This relates to education and everyone because anyone can take a situation they disagreement to the press, their government, or create their own movement.

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