Sunday, February 7, 2010


Snow Being Truck in for the Olympics” by Rocky Thompson tells of snow being trucked into Vancouver for the winter Olympics. This is important because every two years Olympic Games happen. These games are great world tradition. During these games the world nearly stops and all focus is spent on the athletes from ones home country. The location of the games is a big deal also. Years in advance world leaders meet with the Olympic staff and fight about where to have the Olympics. This year the winter games are taking place in Vancouver BC, Canada.In education people are taught to pick the best location for the required needs, these leaders are not using education. It is ridicules that snow has to be trucked in to Vancouver just to provide enough snow for the games. There are so many places that there is enough snow to build the super pipe needed for the Games. This relates to the world because there are so many better places to have the Olympics. Are these locations picked by political leaders for; location, suitability, or political gain. This relates to me because the Olympics could have taken place in Winter Park very close to me but instead they are many miles away. The games are important to almost every world citizen and the games need to take place somewhere where there is at least enough snow.

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