Monday, November 30, 2009


The video “Man trapped in cave after 26 hours dies.” tells of a failed rescue attempt for a man who was trapped in a extremely cramped cave, this is important because it shows that people need to be careful wherever they are. The man was exploring a very tight cave when he fell down in crevasse and became stuck. To access the cave people have to crawl on their bellies. This was definitely a very dangerous place to be. Rescuers got to the man but it was so cramped that a rescue rope system had to be installed in the cave. While attempting to move the man millimeters at a time, the bolt that set the rescue pulley failed and the man fell back into the crevasse. After 26 hours rescue technicians were finally able to pronounce the man dead. Now however there is still puzzlement as to how the body will be recovered. The only option was the one being used, and that is no longer an option.


  1. That's really a sad story. Those people did all they could, but sometimes things are just completely out of our control.