Sunday, November 1, 2009


“Masked, armed robbers stick-up Springs eatery,” by Kieran Nicholson tells of a armed robbery that took place in Colorado Springs, this is important because it has been a method for criminals to commit centuries. for decades. Armed robbery has been a method for centuries that criminals use to obtain property while using a weapon. There have been many different generations of criminals ranging from the cowboys to during The Great Depression when John Dillinger stole from the banks. The point is that this same brutal method has been used and worked for hundreds of years. Law enforcement agencies and have tried to stop armed robbery by creating elite teams designed to stop the robberies like SWAT, and property owners have take steps to alert the Police if a robbery is taking place by using defenses like silent alarms. Even with all these technological advancements hooded men are still marching into banks and businesses demanding money, and getting away. If we really want to stop these crimes we need prevent it from the source somehow instead of just trying to stop the crimes once they happen.

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