Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Worse Than Getting Lost in the Mountains? Getting Found by the Local News?” From tells of a group of backcountry mountaineers who became lost in the mountains and were accidentally located by the local news helicopter. In this article the writing actually makes fun of the mountaineers and states how it is humiliating that it was the news that found them instead of a search and rescue team. Search and Rescue (SAR) did not respond until the news company reported them because they had no report of the overdo mountaineers. This relates to education because students are often taught by their friends and even some teachers that it is bad to be humiliated, but these mountaineers could have been in a life or death situation had they had to stay in the backcountry. In the world people are often looked down upon if they do something embarrassing but if somebody wants to survive they need to be able to take the risk.

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