Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Because most people don’t realize that soldiers do good deeds, and don’t just fight and kill, Tech. Sgt. Kerry Jackson of the 13th Air Force Public Affairs wrote an important article called “Airmen restore Vietnamese clinic during Pacific Angel” about a team of Air Force engineers rebuilding and repairing a medical clinic in Vietnam. Many people don’t give the troops respect for those fighting and dying so that regular people can sleep safely in their beds at night. These people sometimes even call the troops awful names like “baby killer.” Well, Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors don’t just defend freedom; they also help people. There are many squadrons of different types of troops that are devoted strictly to saving lives, such as the Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers or the Air Force Combat Search and Rescue Teams. Not all of these soldiers help people in action. Some build houses, or like the engineer team mentioned in the article, build hospitals and clinics for underprivileged people. It does not surprise me that the same people who claim to hate the troops don’t even realize that they are also helping people and probably doing more good than the people who are doing the whining.


  1. I agree, the soliders do good things and people shouldn't wine about it.

  2. Parker, you are way behind. You should be on PLN12. Look at my blog Parker, it is up to date. You should take a page from my book and do your work.

  3. Hi, I'm one of your mentors, Danielle. I'm not exactly sure what many troops do, but I know they put their lives on the line almost every day. Even if it is helping to restore a community, there are always many dangers around them. They are some of the selfless people on the earth because they're willing to die for us. Many people don't look at both sides of the scale. They're "bandwagon jumpers" and hear one opinion, and decide to go full force with whatever they have just heard. It can be frustrating. I definitely agree with you on this one.