Sunday, August 30, 2009

PLN2 "Quiet gender gap hits collegiate balance" The post editorials: Author unknown

“Women Raise bar at Colleges” by Tamar Lewin shows that men need to take schooling more seriously and that everyone’s education is what is important. Guys need to step it up and at least make the numbers fifty- fifty between boys and girls. For years the average family was funded by the father who goes to work every day, with the mother staying home and being with the children. Recently however, it seems that both the mother and the father go to work during the day in many families. If the men in our world slowly start to take schooling less and less seriously, the roles in a family may change. I am not saying that is necessarily a bad thing but that may change the world.

This change in men not trying hard enough may change many things for us (men). If colleges want to keep their balances of half men and half women they will want to let more guys in, in term being easier for a guy to get into college. This will also effect education because if girls are more likely to go to college then schools will concentrate on girls more because they might think the girls will be worth their time.

In conclusion, men need to take school more statistically, but for everyone the situation is different but the need to succeed is essential.


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